Travel Gear: Camera bags built to travel the world

August 29, 2012 at 5:11 pm


Everyone travels with a camera: there’s few other travel items that can be considered ‘must have’s’. But unless you’ve bought travel gear and camera bags designed to withstand wind, rain, sand, snow – and the inevitable beverage spillage – you’ll always be taking a chance when travelling carrying expensive equipment.

Choosing camera bags is largely dependent on two factors: Size of camera and duration of stay. You could be a pro photographer who’s travelling for just 2 days, or a gap-year adventurer off to travel the world packing just a compact camera; any combination of size/duration will demand a fresh solution – the most difficult combo is if you are a gap-year traveller who’s also a semi-pro wanting to carry all your photography gear. In which case, you may need a sherpa!

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